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Re: slow system if trayicon is animated

On Friday, 2012-11-16, Diederik de Haas wrote:
> On Friday 16 November 2012 15:14:44 Lars Schimmer wrote:
> > XOrg does use 4GB memory. After restarting X subsystem, Xorg does only
> > use 200-300 MB memory and the slowness is gone - until XOrg somehow
> > does want more memory
> It then sounds like a problem with Xorg, not KDE.

Not necessarily. The X server could be allocating those resources on behalf of 
any client, including KDE's plasma desktop.
I had similar issues with Plasma Desktop 4.7 when restarting it worked as a 
stop gap solution for me.
Haven't encountered the problem in 4.8 yet though.

> I'm not encountering the
> issue you mentioned, but Xorg uses 32MB of memory (and 35MB shared mem) on
> my system.
> I don't know how to debug/resolve this (memory leak) issue, but you
> probably have to supply the following items:
> - total RAM in your system
> - Xorg version you're using
> - Exactly which driver you're using + version
> - Archive(s) you're using (you said _kde_ from sid, but what about the rest
> of your system?)

It could also be a matter of chosen compositing settings, e.g. using OpenGL 
and having a leaky OpenGL implementation. In such a case switching to the 
XRender backend might improve the situation, or the other way around, or 


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