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Owncloud integration with KDE (on Debian)


Just for your Interest:

I use kontact 4.7.3 and kmail 4.7.4 (packages are from 
http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu oneiric main) on a debian sid 
(kde 4.7.4 with two imap mailaccounts and one mailaccount with davmail as a 
gateway to an  M$ exchange server).

I did not manage to migrate my old mailboxes (the davmail has been new, the 
imap mails resided on the imap servers ). But the new System works flawlessly. 
Calendar, addressbook  and appointment functions ... every works as expected.

One problem remains: when waking up from suspend to RAM, in 95% of all cases I 
must restart the akonadi server to get new mails.

Cioa ari

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