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Re: KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.8.3 available in qt-kde.debian.net

Hello again,

Am Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012, 11:55:03 schrieb Benjamin Eikel:
> Hello,
> thank you very much for these packages. I was awaiting them eagerly. When
> all other KDE 4.8.x packages are going to be finished, are there any plans
> for KDE PIM 4.8.x packages for Debian?
> Am Montag, 14. Mai 2012, 23:27:38 schrieb Eshat Cakar:
> > Feedback is highly appreciated, since it will help getting these packages
> > into the official archive.
> > Especially report any issues during the upgrade process (i.e.
> > file/dependency conflicts) or if you encounter any misbehavior in KDE
> > applications, that used to work before the upgrade.
> Upgrade on a Debian unstable/amd64 system worked without problems. If I
> notice any problems during my daily work, I will report back.

I upgraded two other computers (also using unstable/amd64) without problems. 
There were no problems using KDE during the whole day. Thank you very much 

Kind regards

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