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Re: akonadi-backend-sqlite no longer supported?

On Sunday, 2012-05-13, Johannes Zarl wrote:
> Hi list,
> After a system upgrade today, with qt being upgraded from 4.7.4-3 to
> 4.8.1-1 and a seemingly minor upgrade of some kde libs from 4.7.4-4 to
> 4.7.4-5, akonadi-backend-sqlite stopped working.
> For now, I've installed the mysql backend, which seems to run fine (apart
> from some mysql errors in the log), so the issue is not too urgent.
> The strange thing, however is that I don't get "SQLite" as a choice for
> "Database driver" in the akonadi server configuration dialog. Does anyone
> know if the backend is still supported?

Sounds like a variation of bug 580706, see


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