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Re: Special window/application settings don't work anymore since Qt 4.8.1

В сообщении от Thursday 10 of May 2012 13:31:47 Frank написал:
> Hi,
> I appreciate the hard work of the Debian KDE maintainers and want to
> say a big Thank You!
> I think since Qt was upgraded to version 4.8.1 on Debian/sid I have
> the small problem that special window/application settings are ignored.
> For instance, I have a setting to prevent drawing the window decoration
> (to save desktop space) of 'konsole'. With the Qt update, this does not
> work anymore -- the window border and title is always drawn.
> Any idea?

Hi. Just want to confirm, that I have this issue too.
Though I am not sure that this is because if qt and not because of kde since I 
upgraded kde and qt at the same time.


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