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Re: Re: Vertical scrolling in KDE text editors

> Am Mittwoch 09.05.2012, 16:55:02 schrieb Adriano Vilela Barbosa:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have noticed that when vertically scrolling a text document in the
> > KDE text editors (Kate, Kwrite, Kile),
> How are you scrolling? Mouse wheel? The buttons on the scroll bar? The
> keyboard?
> > the scroll happens one
> > paragraph at a time, instead of one line at a time. I don't know if
> > this is some recent change, but I just hate it. Does anybody know if
> > it's possible to change this behavior?
> I'm using the latest KDE and QT from unstable and can't reproduce this
> behaviour with a normal text document and kate.
>   --reini

Ok, I found out what the problem is. The thing is that I'm using
dynamic word wrap, where each paragraph of my text is actually a
single line in the text file. Using dynamic word wrap means that that
single line in the text file is shown as multiple lines on the screen
(my paragraphs are quite long) and when I do the vertical scrolling I
get these really big jumps. This happens when scrolling with either
the mouse wheel or when dragging the vertical scroll bar, but doesn't
happen when scrolling with the arrow keys. Although I now understand
what's causing this behavior, I still think it would be very nice to
have both the mouse wheel and the scroll bar produce the same
scrolling results as the arrow keys. Maybe I should file a bug with
the KDE guys?

I'm using KDE 4.7.4, from Testing.



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