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Is okular unable to open gzipped PDFs?


I'm running a Debian testing system with KDE 4.7.4. When I try to open a file 
with the extension .pdf.gz with okular the following error message shows up:

"Could not open /path/to/file.pdf.gz"

Furthermore okular complains that it "can not find a plugin which is able to 
handle the document being processed". I wonder if I am the only one to 
experience this behaviour since okular is linked to gzip-compressed PDF 
documents by default and according to a bug report (see link below) that I've 
found it should be able to cope with *.pdf.gz files.


Thus, I might be missing a package though I've installed all recommended 
packages related to okular? If that's not the case, I'm still not sure whether 
I should report this as a bug...

BTW my okular version is 0.13.3 and the file can be opened with gv and evince.

Best regards

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