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Re: KDE SC 4.7.4 being uploaded to unstable

>> >Not all KDE users read this list. Is there another way that all users can
>> >be informed about this recomendation before upgrading?
>> IMHO it's not a good idea being on KDE/Debian/Experimental-Unstable and NOT
>> reading the kde-debian mailing list.

>It might not be a good idea, but there is no advisory that people should read 
>any list, either:



Given that neither me nor you (and many others in this list) need any 
recommendation from me, you are right about the fact there is no suggestion 
about subscribing a mailing list on Sid page, but it's clearly stated: "Use it 
at your own risk!". That's enough, because even support on mailing lists is 
not always available and news about incoming packages are given by the 
kindness of KDE Debian Team. Pretending that developers start warning people 
that on purpose use Unstable, seems to me like trying to work around others' 
foolishness and a kind of incentive in adopting Sid (and none want that Sid 
becomes the Debian distribution for the everyday user).


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