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KDE 4.8 and KDEPIM 2

Dear Debian KDE/Qt packagers,

Ok, so I ask:

Any plans for KDE 4.8? (I looked in git for kdebase-runtime to see whether 
you are already active on it.)

What about KDEPIM 2 - from what I read on kdepim and kdepim-users 
mailinglist it might be wise to still wait a little bit more.

Since KDE 4.7.4 is still in experimental despite IMHO working quite well: 
Will Wheezy ship with KDE 4.6.5 and KDEPIM 4.4.5?

I know some questions, especially the last question, might be too early to 
ask, so feel free to omit answering any of those.

I am happy with KDE SC 4.7.4 and KDEPIM 4.4.5, but am just curious about 
4.8. I fully understand when you take your time.

To other readers of the list: I suggest leaving this to one question 
instead of asking again every month or so ;).

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de
GPG: 03B0 0D6C 0040 0710 4AFA  B82F 991B EAAC A599 84C7

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