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Re: Regenerating kde menus?


Have you tried to open KDE Menu Editor and click the "Restore to System Menu" 
entry into the Edit Menu?

Ps. When I play with kde to restore the default settings I need to delete the 
~/.kde dir and the ~/.config dir too. (Tested with widgets and activities, the 
~/.kde dir isn't enough)


On Monday 06 February 2012 16:06:59 Brad Alexander wrote:
> I rebuilt my workstation with sid, and ten restored from backups. When
> I restored from backups, my kde menus (which were kind of broken by
> crossover office that I installed back in the day) were restored as
> well. I suppose I could remove ~/.kde and let it rebuild my config,
> then tweak it to my tastes, but that seems like sort of a "bigger
> hammer" approach. Is there a file I can tweak or delete to rebuild my
> KDE menus?
> Thanks,
> --b

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