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Re: Menu editor not saving properly

于 2011年12月14日 21:34, Dr Sian Mountbatten 写道:
I've been trying to remove some entries from the Internet subfolder.
And I've also tried to add an entry.

The editor shows in the screen with the menu entries that the items
have been deleted and that the new item has been added.

But when I click on `save', the program saves very slowly and not past
the 90% mark. It then restarts and tries saving again. This goes on

When I cancel the save, close the editor and then action the KLaunch
button, the items deleted are still there and the added item is not

It is clear that kmenuedit is not saving properly.

Has anybody found this bug? What can I do about it?

Is xfce4 environment desktop ?
 connect me with my msn.
my msn: chengshid@live.cn

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