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Panel sometimes gets lost when starting KDE Session

Sometimes when I start my KDE session (from GDM - why does KDM have such ugly fonts?) I start up, but my most important panel never appears.

It is an autohide panel at the top of the screen (not full width), with my main application launcher.

The only way to get it back is to start to create a new panel in roughly the same place. Then it appears, I can abandon creating the new panel and it then seems to work fine for the rest of the session.

This is really annoying, but I don't have much clue about where kde stores these panel definitions, nor why it might not have been found.

Anyone any ideas about this?
(I have 4 separate activies defined and 4 separate desktops but I am not sure why this should matter since I believe panels transend both desktops and activities)
Alan Chandler

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