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Lots of failed google gadget errors when starting


I am running kde 4.7 from experimental

A couple of weeks ago I moved over to KDE from Gnome and spent some time playing with multiple desktops and activities. Then I went back to Gnome 3 again just to compare with what I had learnt. I did un-install some modules from kde.

Yesterday I decided to come back to kde and re-installed what I thought I had un-installed.

However whenever I log in and the plasma desktop starts, I get three messages related to google gadgets failing to load. The have a filename something like ~/.google/gadgets/downloaded_gadgets/_somefilename.

The thing is, I don't have a .google/gadgets/downloaded_gadgets directory.

How do I remove the error messages? I presume there is a config file somewhere that tells something to load these.

Alan Chandler

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