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KDE SC 4.7.2 uploaded to experimental


yesterday we uploaded KDE SC 4.7.2 to experimental. We did it with mainly for 
2 reasons: to pass the packages though the NEW queue[1] and to make sure that 
the packages build in the architectures supported by Debian.

The packages in qt-kde.debian.net and the secondary mirror are just a copy of 
the experimental packages .Therefore, right now, these packages are as official 
as the packages in the Debian experimental repository, and you can file bugs 
against them, it doesn't matter if your apt/aptitude/whatever downloaded the 
packages from Debian experimental or qt-kde.debian.net. If you file bugs please 
make sure that you are using the official version; you can easily check this, 
for instance, with apt-show-versions.

Since some packages will need to go trough the NEW queue again for 4.7.4 (at 
least kdesdk and kde-l10n will do, also kdesdk is failing to build in big 
endian architectures) we might want to upload some bits of KDE SC uploaded 
4.7.4 in the next few days.

With regarding to the things that will happen in the next few weeks: 
We won't upload 4.7.2 to sid. We won't upload 4.7.3 at all. We will upload 
4.7.4 to qt-kde.debian.net.


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