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Re: Help me compile debian

On 16/11/2011 18:42, Luis Miguel Rojas Aguilera wrote:

> Hi, i'm not experienced compiling and all that stuff i mean i don't
> know which modules to install, i want to compile debian to my laptop
> Toshiba Satellite L505D GS6000, here i post the out of lspci and
> /proc/cpuinfo. Thanks , i'll really apreciate any help.

I (and probably many others here) don't understand what you're asking
for - which software do you want to compile ?  The whole of Debian ?
Just KDE ?  Do you want to know how to install a compiler ?  If you can
be more specific then we may be able to help you.

Irrespective, here are two points in response to what you asked :

*  This list is concerned specifically with the packaging of the KDE
   software collection for Debian.  Unless you are asking for help with
   software then this is the wrong list for your question.

*  If you are not experienced at compiling then the best advice for you
is to
   not even try, but to install the ready-made binary packages made
   by the Debian package maintainers and other volunteers.

Nick Boyce

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