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Re: Plasma freeze after login

Valentyn Pavliuchenko:
> Hi everyone,
> Last time I did few installs of Debian testing in the same PC and
> everywhere I encounter the following issue:
> Plasma freezes for about 10-20 seconds after logging in. I'm using clean
> Debian install with KDE selected in installer as a DE.
> After freeze everything is ok all the time.

Could you perhaps describe the host a little more in detail? Architecture, 
GPU and so on?
What happens during those 15s? Is the system under load? Does ~/.xsession-
errors or /var/log/Xorg.0.log reveal something?

> I didn't have this issue on my previous system (working for years as
> Debian Lenny->Squeeze->Testing). Previous system had the same KDE
> version and the same home directory contents (including ~/.kde/).

An short description of the previous system might be helpful, too.

> Any suggestions what it can be?

Gremlins, Spiders from Mars, who knows for sure...


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