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Re: KDE 4.7 TODO wiki page


> Where is the current work on kde 4.7.x integration
> in Debian being documented? 

The first place to see what's been worked on, is #debian-qt-kde.
But please do not keep back the team from working, by asking there
about the status.
We currently lack man power and are always happy, if people experienced
in packaging would like to help.

As you already found [1]: that's the place to see the code commits
(consider watching at all pkg-kde/kde-sc/* repositories). 
However, they do not tell exactly, what's the status, since work also
includes building, packaging and testing.

> If there's no documentation, where can I find
> some info about its current status?

The status is "(few) people are working on it, and there's no ETA", so
same as /topic in #debian-kde. Please bear with the team, if it is not
possible to give an ETA, since it's just a handful of people currently
been working on packaging, and we depend on them having the time.

Best regards,

Eshat Cakar

[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/

eshat cakar
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