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How to back out desktop type experiments

Running wheezy

I'm New to modern kde.

I seem to have altered the desktop in a way I don't really like.

At right click/Desktop settings/ layout tab

Starting from the default, I tried all those listed there, and saw
nothing that seemed like something I cared about so went back to the

But now it seems that some of the autostart things I use think that they
are running from ~/Documents

For example:  On kde startup I have 2 emacs daemon started.  They run in
the background and I can attach to them with emacsclient commands.

Prior to fooling around with the different style desktops those daemon
were running on ~/, so if I asked emacs to show me the directory it was
running from with C-x d it would show ~/.  Or if I wanted to edit a file
in ~ I would say C-x C-f ~/file. 

But now it shows ~/Documents

Its something of an annoyance and requires me to rehome the frame when
ever I use a emacslient cmd if I want to find files or whatever in ~/
instead of ~/Documents/

I also notice a new small panel in upper right vertical screen boundary
that says `New Activity'.  There seems to be no way to get rid of it.
Far as I know it was not there before I monkeyed around with desktop

Is there someway to back out to the default setup one sees on first
logging into new kde desktop?

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