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Re: KDE system default configuration

Am Wednesday, 7. September 2011 schrieb Matteo Semplice:
> Dear everybody,
> 	I am upgrading my Debian installation at home and I have a couple of
> KDE4-related questions.
> 1) I would like to migrate to the desktop the KDE configuration that I have
> tweaked to my needs on my laptop (background, window behaviour, panels,
> side bars, daemons, etc). What is the best way to achieve it? aka, what
> files do I need to copy?

I assume you are upgrading from Lenny to Squeeze. Have a look at kaboom. It 
should at least do most you are looking for (for each user at first login).


> 2) Is there a way to  make the above custom configuration the default for
> any new user on the desktop?
> Matteo

Rainer Dorsch

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