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Re: kdebug defaults/build options

On August 26, 2011 03:06:58 PM Carsten Pfeiffer wrote:
> Am Friday, 19. August 2011 schrieb Bruce Sass:
> > > How about using logrotate for .xsession-errors?
> > 
> > Sure, it is more of a bandage than anything else though, eh.
> Frankly, no. IMHO that would be a sensible thing to do. .xsession-errors
> can grow indefinitely when people are using suspend-to-* and keep their
> session running until some package update needs a reboot. So there's no
> difference to the logfiles in /var/log.
> That doesn't legitimate apps to produce so many log entries, though.

OK, "bandage" was directed at the specific case of using logrotate to deal 
with overly verbose software.
> > Why is Debian's KDE so verbose? Is it a concious decision by KDE and
> > individual users are expected to use kdebugdialog if they don't like it?
> > Is there a system wide setting so the admin of a multi-user box can set
> > the debug/warn/error messaging behaviour for everyone? Is Debian
> > neglecting to set a flag somewhere which would quiet things down? Should
> > we be talking to the developers of individual apps because it is not
> > really a KDE problem?
> I have no idea what Debian's policy is, so I can only pass my very own
> opinion.
> Apps and libs should be as quiet as possible by default. They should only
> log assertion failures, i.e. critical problems. It should be possible to
> launch an app in a terminal (in the background) and keep working in the
> same terminal.
> Everything other than critical problems should be made available on demand,
> e.g. through kdebugdialog.


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