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Re: kdebug defaults/build options

On August 20, 2011 01:33:42 AM Diggory Hardy wrote:
> But you're saying you can't actually use long KDE sessions?

IIRC, it was the 4.5 and/or the early 4.6.x's which filled up .xsession-errors 
to the point of KDE shutting stuff down because /home was running out of room 
every 2-3 days--the box sees kiosk-like use for email, printing, burning, and 
long running processes like bittorrent, it only gets a restart if the power 
goes down or a core lib gets upgraded.

Prior to this recent fiddling it had been frozen wrt to upgrades at whatever 
ws in unstable when KDE-4.4 arrived, and running a local build of 
kde-3.5.10+qt-copy pretty much non-stop for over 230 days.

- Bruce

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