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Re: KDE 4.7 on testing

Thanks for the reply.
I will try install debian testing with KDE 4.6 for now, while the packages are in

PS: To answere to all the list I have to use "Answere to all"? I'm using the gmail
webclient. (With this command the list debian-kde is in CC)
Thanks you very much :)

2011/8/5 Alejandro Exojo <suy@badopi.org>
El Viernes, 5 de Agosto de 2011, Andrea Calia escribió:
> Hello to everyone,
> this is my first message on a mailing list (I hope to do not make
> mistakes). I would like to know when KDE 4.7 will be available on Debian
> Testing repository :)

Hello Andrea.

Unfortunately, is impossible to know for sure. First, developers will work on
their spare time to make 4.7 packages (so depends on the amount of time and
the difficulties they find). Those packages probably will go first to their
repository, because uploading directly to the Debian repos will suffer delays
if there are packages with new names.

Then the packages will come to Debian unstable, and will pass through the
usual process: if there are no release-critical bugs in 10 days, the packages
will slide to testing.

So, a guess is that maybe you will have to wait some months, unless they say
that the packages on their repository will be compatible with testing.


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