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Re: customize media-player in okular

On Tuesday, 2011-07-26, Jim McCloskey wrote:
> Hello. I was really happy to discover that okular allows one to play
> sound-files and video-files from within PDF documents. This is a big
> step forward for a user like me (an academic, using LaTeX and Beamer
> to produce PDF for presentations). Sound files are particularly
> important for the work I do (in linguistics).
> I have a question though: when an external player is called by okular
> to handle a particular file-type, where is it defined which program is
> called and is this customizable? At present on my system, the player
> called is gmplayer, and I would really prefer it to be mplayer with no
> GUI. I had thought that this would be handled by the MIME system, so I
> added what I hoped would be the right line to ~/.mailcap. This hasn't
> had the hoped-for effect, though; gmplayer is still being called.

Probably by MIME type (file type) association, see KDE system settings -> file 
associations and check your MIME type(s).


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