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Re: KDE4.6.3: Plasma panels settings mangled after restarting

Am Freitag, 10. Juni 2011 schrieb Andrej Kacian:
> Hello all,

Hi Andrej,

> I have recently upgraded to KDE 4.6 on wheezy, and I'm pleasantly
> surprised at how much faster and less buggy the environment is.
> However, among few bugs which annoy me is that after I set up my panels
> the way I want them, KDE keeps changing their position and settings
> after I log out and log back in.
> State after login just now: http://bayimg.com/DaiPIAadi
> The way it was before: http://bayimg.com/DAiPjAAdI
> (the bottom bar is aligned to the left, wide only for the three icons
> and set to autohide, so it's not visible)

I have then the main panel in the middle of the screens once, too. But 
usually KDE 4.6.3 seems to remember stuff quite good. Except that when I 
play a game in full screen mode the active window on each activity gets 

Especially Plasma applets tend to remember where I put them now.

> Is there anything I can do to make this stop (apart from filing a bug)
> ?

I think, filing the bug on http://bugs.kde.org (not a debian bug or not 
primarily at least) is the only way to possibly get something done about 

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