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problems with Gnome and KDE

I really need help with two problems:
1. minor problem: whenever I start Gnome, there is message like this:
"Jun 5 22:55:47 dunadan gnome-session[4527]: WARNING: Application 'nautilus.desktop' failed to register before timeout"
in the syslog.
I cannot put anything on the desktop and there is no possibility to click on it with my mouse (left nor right button)
I hardly tried to find solution on the web, but without success
2. major problem: I use KDE 4.6.X from Sid, but the session crashes immediately after start (this is the reason, I sent the copy to debian-kde). I tried to rename .kde in the home, no luck. More than that, when I try to play KDE origin game (e.g. KBreakOut), when it comes to the end, it crashes

Can any of you give me a clue?

Many thanks


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