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Re: Building kde 4.6.3 using kdesrc-build

Le 03/06/2011 09:10, André Wöbbeking a écrit :
On Thursday 02 June 2011 18:18:46 Gilles-Claude Rajaobelina wrote:
Le 02/06/2011 16:00, André Wöbbeking a écrit :

did you've a look at kdesrc-buildrc-sample?

Yes (I actually have tried to customize one) but never succeeded builds.
The only success was qt-copy.

So what are your problems? One problem I've is that KDE's repositories are kind
of moving target due to the git transition and that some git repositories use
KDE/4.6 as branch and some just 4.6. And of course it's not always easy to get
all the dependencies right.

looks like that is exactly what I observed. Unfortunately, I'm 500Km away from the machine I used, so that I dont have errorlogs at hand.

In my understanding, you did manage to build the stuff, right ? So what about posting your .kdesrc-buildrc file somewhere ? I would be glad to run the build on the machine I'm sticked to for about two weeks.

Thanks again.

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