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Re: Window positions on logoff/logon

Martin Steigerwald schrieb:

Am Friday 11 March 2011 schrieb Ralf Moeller:

when I log out of KDE, it does not save correct
positions/desktop-number of the windows. all what I start, will be
restored on a later login, but it does not correctly save what window
was on which desktop, when kde automaticly restart the apps.

is there a way to fix this ?

I have this too and believe this to be a bug in the KDE 4.4 / 4.5
available in Debian at the moment.

I decided to wait for KDE 4.6 and see whether it happens there as well.

me using 4.5.1 experiemental-shots. on some special apps also with
some error-msg-boxes the effects turned off, witch can be enabled
manually later again. seems to be a little bit buggy, yes.

also sometimes it happens, that desktop (plasmanoids, taskbar)
breaks for a couple of seconds (5 - 30 sec) before going on.
do you have the same problem ?


BTW-DE : Fuer die Apollo Mondlandung war die Rechenleistung
von 3 C64 noetig. Heute reicht ein Pentium-Prozessor
nicht aus um ein TICKET zu ziehen.  ;-)

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