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Plasma-Effects / KWin-Crashhandler on some GUI-events


I am using debian/xorg with KDE experimental, but have some
problems with the plasma-desktop.

When an app tries to open a window (special kind of window)
then I get message from KWin crashed, desktop gets down and
restarts, after all - the effects are disabled and i have
to switch it on by hand again, which also brings some
unimportant error-boxes with it which i can ignore (crashhandler).
The app itself continues run normally .

this special kinds of windows are for example these which
are opened for example on seamonkey when it asks for
"really sending mail out or not" ... all the rest works normal.
also when starting a playstation1 emu (pcsx) same happens,
emu runs, but effects are disabled out of this Kwin crash ...
This prob does not depends on a special app, it happens
on several apps, including amarok.

also on normal work - taskbar and plasmanoids are really
slow , so they stops for some seconds before it continue.

Im using an pentium4/dualcore 2GB ram and intel gfx-board.

what's wrong ? is this fixable ?

kind regards,
Ralf Moeller

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