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Kmail composer freezing on unstable?


I have Debian sid and kde 4.5.1 from debian-qt-kde. As I understand,
the experimental repository does not have kdepim, so my kmail is still
from kdepim 4.4.

This setup has been working very well for months.

On Friday, I updated the system for the first time since the squeeze
release, and my Kmail has started to misbehave: When composing a new
message, Kmail freezes and does not take any more keystrokes. This
happens during various times during the composition process, sometimes
right at the beginning, but if one has come through to hitting
Alt-Enter to send the mail, this is the latest point at which Kmail
_always_ freezes without sending the message.

Is this a known phenomenon with, possibly, an already available
workaround? I really really hate Thunderbird...


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