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Re: 4.6

On 26 January 2011 23:26, Claudio F Filho <filhocf@openoffice.org> wrote:
> Hi
> Em 26-01-2011 20:59, Modestas Vainius escreveu:
>>> Can I do anything to help
>> Packaging. Or updating debian/copyright that's a really boring job (yet
>> not
>> very technical). It's a show-stopper for official archive (either unstable
>> or
>> experimental).
> Where can i find more information about how to help in this part? How i am
> not "very technical", maybe i can do.

I might be able to help on that front too.

Packaging is probably out of question as I don't have much spare time
to learn everything involved. Updating copyright might be feasible if
I can do it in the little chunks of free time that I have between one
task and another at work.

- Cassiano

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