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KMail 1.13.5 and "Bounce"

I've heard that one thing that I can do to help reduce the amount of SPAM that 
gets through to Debian mailing list is to "bounce" SPAM received through the 
lists to a specific Debian address.  I was wondering the best way to do this 
in modern versions of KMail.

It's been a while, but I seem to remember older versions of KMail having a 
"bounce" command that would take a message and resend it to another "To" 
address without changing the subject or contents at all; I don't know if any 
headers were removed or mangled.  However, I can no longer find a "bounce" 
option in my KMail.  I thought it would be under "Reply Special" or "Forward"; 
perhaps I need a special template for that?

Perhaps I should copy the message to "Drafts" them edit it (change the To 
address) and send it?
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