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Input devices / Keyboards in 4.5.3

I read that the keyboard module has been changed for 4.5, and my impression is that it has even been changed in 4.5 with the last update. Lately, a variety of SUN USB keyboards had been among the available keyboard models, e.g., a Type 7 USB Intl. Keyboard, and it is now gone again.

Since the last reinstall a few days ago of kde-standard from exsnap the messed up fonts for choosing a keyboard layout are no longer in Cyrillic with Chinese and Vietnamese fonts mixed in a deliberate way, but in Latin as they should. However, now there is only a SUN 5/6 keyboard model left to choose.

The Generic evdev keyboard does not help me because I am using a SunRay thin client and KDE does thereby not recognize the SUN 7 USB keyboard that is attached (or is this an evdev config problem?). I wouldn't want to create an xorg.conf only because a new, useful KDE setting has been scrapped again.

Should I write to bugs.kde.org, or is there a simpler Debian way to get back my SUN Type 7 keyboard definitions in KDE? In earlier (KDE 4.4?) versions SUN USB Type 7 keyboards were not _yet_ included, so I had been happy that I could use, e.g., their F13-F20 keys for a while. Wouldn't want to let them go for good now...


Andreas v. Heydwolff

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