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Re: Mozilla on experimental-snapshots

On 2010-11-23 11:37, Michele wrote:
On Mon, 22 Nov 2010 16:22:02 +0100, "Andreas v. Heydwolff"
<listmail@sandpsych.at> wrote:

Iceweasel 3.6.14 and Icedove 3.1.4 do not shutdown properly on my KDE
4.5 installation from the exp.-sn. repository and the processes around
on my amd64 system after closing the programs or after a crash,
windowless, sucking 99% CPU each.

Do I have to live with it? Is it a KDE 4.5 compatibility issue?
Should I report bugs for the Mozialla progs? Any hints are welcome.


A. Heydwolff

Check if you have gtk-qt-engine installed and if you're using it, since
it has a bug with Iceweasel (and likely Icedove too) :


Dear all,

iceweasel version is .12, sorry for the mistake.

  # aptitude remove gtk-qt-engine

solved the problem. Thank you very much! I will reopen
as soon as I find the time. 539175 was considered a duplicate, but thanks for alerting me to its existence.

It seems the package was also the culprit for disappearing icons in my OpenOffice.org 3.2.1 installation, they do not vanish anymore now.

A.v. Heydwolff

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