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Re: Mozilla on experimental-snapshots

> On Monday November 22, 2010 10:22:02 am Andreas v. Heydwolff wrote:
> Hello,
>Iceweasel 3.6.14 and Icedove 3.1.4 do not shutdown properly on my KDE
> 4.5 installation from the exp.-sn. repository and the processes around
> on my amd64 system after closing the programs or after a crash,
> windowless, sucking 99% CPU each.
> Do I have to live with it? Is it a KDE 4.5 compatibility issue? Should I
> report bugs for the Mozialla progs? Any hints are welcome.
> Regards,

Hi, I am using Iceweasel (3.6.12-2) and Icedove (3.1.6-1) from
experimental on Squeeze KDE (4.4.5), no problem here. No sure where your
version numbers come from.
It may be linked to extensions, did you try using a clean profile ?
Do you have kde-config-gtk-style option in systemsettings set to use kde
theme with gtk applications (i don't) ? I have found this option to
cause Mozilla apps shut-down problems on several occasions.
Also, did you thoroughly check that you don't have any package version
mismatch problem ?

If everything is tested and ok on the Mozilla front then it's probably
related to kde 4.5 somehow, you'll need to launch the apps from a
console and see if they output any useful error message.

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