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Strange behavior when exiting game

Hi Maintainers,

I have Squeeze install, with both the gnome & kde desktops installed, using the kdm manager.

When I play gl-117 in kde, the game plays fine until I quit the game, this is when the weirdness starts. I quit, then I am dropped to the gnome desktops background! The mouse still works but nothing else. I can not get the machine to do anything it is frozen with just the gnome desktop background displayed. I need to reboot to gain control again.

Is this a bug? It is reproducible, happens every time, however if I use gnome, the game quits normally and the desktop is useable.

I have limited knowledge as to how to track this behavior, which logs to look at etc, I wonder if I have a strange bug or is this a known issue?

Hope you can help.

Regards Stan

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