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K menu hangs


I saw today several times the K menu hanging in squeeze on Intel graphics. The 
K menu hangs for a number of seconds or minutes, but I can use the keyboard to 
switch virtual desktops (e.g. Crtl-F1), start an app on an open konsole, but 
not use the k menu anymore (it is open, it does not disapper).

Also top running in a konsole does not show something special: akregator has 
10% CPU, Xorg more like 1%. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem 
reliably, it just appears from time to time.

Does anybody have an idea how I could debug this issue?

Rainer Dorsch
Lärchenstr. 6
D-72135 Dettenhausen
email: rdorsch@web.de
jabber: rdorsch@jabber.org
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