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Re: Qt4.7 and KDE 4.4

Michael Thaler kirjoitti sunnuntai, 26. syyskuuta 2010 20.42.09:

> has anyone tried to run KDE 4.4 with Qt 4.7 from experimental? Is this
> going to work? I would like to experiment a bit with the new Qt 4.7, but I
> don't want to update KDE to 4.5 right now.

I realize that you're asking about KDE 4.4 w/ Qt 4.7, but:

I had a problem with Qt 4.7 and Digikam (with both 1.2.0-7+b1 and 1.4.0-0rc1). 
I am using KDE 4.5.1 from the semi-official repository.

The problem that I experienced was that several digikam threads would remain 
running after exiting the application. Downgrading to Qt 4.6 resolved that for 
me. I didn't notice any other problems.

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