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nvidia-graphics-drivers and KDE slowdown in Squeeze


I see here on a Lenovo Thinkpad T61p very poor performance with the nvidia-
graphics-drivers drivers in squeeze when running KDE (desktop effects enabled 
or disabled does not make a difference):

The observation is that the desktop becomes slower (typing is a second per 
character, changing focus for windows becomes very slow,...) over time after 
approximately a day it is impossible to work with it.

What improves the situation is to disable and enable the desktop effects in 
KDE. Seems during the enabling the part of the graphics system causing the 
problem gets reset.

Ken observes the same on Kubuntu 10.04

Some observations:
* The problem does not occur with gnome. 
* The problem does not occur with KDE and another graphics hardware or drivers 
(e.g. ATI/AMD or Intel).
* The problem does not occur with lenny and KDE 3.5.10

So far we have little data to narrow down the area where the problem comes 

Have you any idea what could be a helpful test?

Would you expect any problem when I pull the newly upload nvidia-graphics-
drivers 256.53-1 into squeeze to test if the problem is still there?


Rainer Dorsch
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