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Re: Nepomuk always indexing at the beginning of every session

Valerio Passini wrote, on 19/09/10 09:30:
Alle domenica 19 settembre 2010, Arthur Marsh ha scritto:

How does one disable nepomuk from starting?

I don't like programs deciding that they can run automatically
without being nice'd.


 From system-settings ->  Desktop Search. Uncheck where you can find
Enable semantic desktop...


Thanks, but I'm not sure how I would do that since I am running the following versions (in other words, I updated some components as much as possible without removing what was needed to keep 3.5.X programs such as Quanta running):

ii  kdebase-runtime                                      4:4.2.4-2

ii kdebase-bin 4:3.5.10.dfsg.1-2 core binaries for the KDE base module ii kdebase-data 4:3.5.10.dfsg.1-2 shared data files for the KDE base module ii kdebase-doc 4:3.5.10.dfsg.1-2 developer documentation for the KDE base module ii kdebase-doc-html 4:3.5.10.dfsg.1-2 KDE base documentation in HTML format ii kdebase-kio-plugins 4:3.5.10.dfsg.1-2 core I/O slaves for KDE



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