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Re: No decoration on Dolphin with KDE4 + Compiz + Smaragd

> No, KDE does not get it's effects from Compiz/Beryl, it's kwin itself wich
> does the effects.
> Try disabling Compyz/Beryl and enabling KDE effects in system settings.

Yes, I know KDE has its own window manager that implements the
eyecandies for itself . I said "from Compiz" meaning that  KDE took
the features from Compiz/Beryl project (I guess), as it seems to be
the exact same set of effects.

Anyway, I would like to keep Compiz rather than Kwin, at least for
now, as it seems to perform better (just my own impression here, ok?),
and even to try for sometime and see if it fits well to me.

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