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Re: KDE SC 4.5 in experimental - when?

Am Freitag 13 August 2010 schrieb Tadeáš Moravec:
> Hello,
> I take it that 4.5 won't be in Squeeze and as such cannot enter Sid
> during the freeze period. However it can be in experimental, right? Is
> there any approximate date, when it could be there? O in the
> qt-kde.debian.net semi- official repository?

As much as I would prefer to be able to install and test KDE 4.5 as well
I can imagine that it might be quite good to give KDE 4.4.5 packages more 
testing before trying out 4.5. And it would be an additional maintenance 
burden for the Debian developers.

So I can understand, when the Debian Qt/KDE team waits with starting 4.5 
until KDE 4.4.5 has Debian stable quality = 0 RC bugs.

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