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Custom Shutdown Options

(Reposted from kde-linux after a few days without a reply...)

Suspend to Disk works fine on my laptop.  Suspend to RAM works great on my 
laptop.  However, I prefer to get the best of both worlds most of the time and 
use Suspend to Both.

I can do this manually with a (sudo s2both) in a konsole window.  Then, resume 
usually comes from RAM, unless my laptop has depleted the battery, and then 
resume comes from disk.

What is the best way to integrate the "Suspend to Both" option into my KDE 
environment?  I'd like to choose it from the "Leave..." menu, as will as using 
it as an action in the power management settings.

Debian is my distribution of choice.  I run a mixed system which is mostly 
Lenny, but of course all the KDE packages come from Squeeze or unstable.  I'm 
certainly willing to pull additional packages from Squeeze, unstable, or even 
experimental if they can help with this task.
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