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Nepomukservices is leaking memory?


Recently I moved a folder containing my eclipse workspaces (1.9GB in size) to a different location, 
so I expected that nepomuk/stringi would be reindexing the whole lot.
I also have a widget on my desktop showing how much RAM/swap is in use ... 
and that is right now 2.0GB RAM and 3.9MB swap !!!
The previous time I saw readings like this I had eclipse open, so I attributed it to that, closed it 
and very little changed. 
Right now I have Kontact open and 1 document loaded in Okular ... that's it.

So I opened the System Activity window (Ctl+Esc) and there I saw what was the issue.
I can only descripe what's happing right now, but a similar thing I saw some days ago:
nepomukservices (1) using 907388K of memory   ... and rising
nepomukservices (2) using 294072K of memory   ... and rising
Xorg using 247451K of memory (don't know if it's relevant, but it seems kind of high mem usage)

and just a few minutes ago I had about 50 (!) kio_file processes running

Nepomukservices will keep on eating more memory until I logoff/shutdown/etc.

Has anyone seen something like this?
Is there a fix/workaround?
Will it every stop/finish (re-)indexing those files? It's been going on for > 12 hours now, just like 
the other time.

I'm running KDE 4.4.5 but I don't know if the latest upgrade changed anything related to this.


PS: while writing this email mem usage is up to 947732K and 298840K for the nepomukservices

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