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Re: Qtcreator

A Dimecres 21 Juliol 2010, Fathi Boudra va escriure:
> > I don't know if they provide qt creator 2.0 compiled to a different
> > version than the qt sdk.  Maybe it's a mistake in the web page. Obviously
> > if the qtcreator.pro says that is for something, no?
> Probably a mistake:
> filterlineedit.cpp: In constructor
> 'Utils::FilterLineEdit::FilterLineEdit(QWidget*)':
> filterlineedit.cpp:39: error: 'setPlaceholderText' was not declared in
> this scope
> make[5]: *** [.obj/release-shared/filterlineedit.o] Error 1
> Qt Creator 2.0.0 doesn't build against Qt 4.6.3 definitely.


it's a mistake. The binary they provide contains libQtXXX.so.4.7.0 not 4.6.3.

Thank's for the info and sorry for the noise.

Best regards,


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