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Re: Qtcreator

> Nokia released a new version of qtcreator. I have seen that if you download
> from nokia, the package contain qt 4.6.3 and qtcreator 2.0.

Please, could you point me to the package you have downloaded on Nokia website ?
I could then take a look because I have doubt on used Qt version.

> However, qtcreator have the dependency > 4.7 of qtlibs. Someone of you could
> explain why? Just asking because it could be an interesting package to
> squeeze.

simply because Qt Creator check for Qt version 4.7, see qtcreator.pro:
#version check qt
contains(QT_VERSION, ^4\\.[0-6]\\..*) {
    message("Cannot build Qt Creator with Qt version $${QT_VERSION}.")
    error("Use at least Qt 4.7.")

As far as I know, Qt Creator doesn't build against Qt 4.6 (I bet it
needs Qt Declarative introduced in Qt 4.7).



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