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Amarok static playlist problem

Hi all,

I run squeeze with Amarok 2.3.1, KDE 4.4 (4.4.3 according to help --> about 
amarok and 4.4.4 according to help --> about KDE, both done in amarok), and 
with a mysql backend. I experience strange behavior when I try to make a 
static play list.

When I clear the play list, add files and press the safe button, an empty play 
list is saved.

When I load an existing play list, add files and press the safe button, a play 
list is saved consisting of the existing play list.

It seems that the mysql permissions are ok, as I redid them with the command 
as exemplified in the Settings --> configure amarok menu. I searched the bug 
reports at debian and at kde but I can't find any that might be related.

Anyone some suggestions how I can best proceed, or anyone with similar 

In addition, I run amarok over an ssh connection to my server (the info all 
pertains to my server) and I don't see the amarok logo as systray logo 
anymore. Since I start amarok on my server with amarok & I see the following 
related output: 

QSystemTrayIcon::setVisible: No Icon set



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