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Re: KMail: heavy disk reading for a long time.


On Tuesday 06 July 2010 21.15:03 Michael Schuerig wrote:
> I'm looking astonished at iotop right now. KMail (1.13.3, KDE 4.4.4)
> reads from the disk on the order of 8 to 12 MByte/s. [...] After about 90
> minutes of frantic activity, it has stopped.

I've wondered about this, too.  I'm not sure how kmail from KDE 3 behaved, 
but I've noticed this a long time ago.

But since I usually have a session opened with kmail running and only 
suspend this laptop, it doesn't bother me too much.  It does impact the 
system performance quite a bit though.

-- vbi

Before too long, Voyager owners (both of them) should once again have
full support for their beloved architecture in the mainline kernel.
        -- Jon Corbet

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