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Re: Copying data and settings from old to new computer?

Hi Huang and Facundo,

Am Dienstag 15 Juni 2010 schrieb Huang, Tao:
> On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 9:03 PM, Facundo Aguilera <budinero@gmail.com> 
> > Over the years? I suggest you start a new kde configuration.
> > 
> > Facundo
> +1


I didn't start a new KDE configuration since the initial Debian Sarge setup 
on my ThinkPad T23. Even the KDE configuration of my T42 is based on a 
copied over one from the T23.

If it can't work without reboot or cleaning the configuration its broken. 
My oppinion about this is that simple.

Ok, cruft would be an issue, but then it should be easy to find any piece 
of space-wise delete-worthy cruft with du, filelight and others. And 
whether there is some k-de-installed-app-rc of 5 KiB or so? I don't care.

But how about sizes of ~/.kde anyway? Mine is: 

martin@shambhala:~/.kde> du -sh * | egrep -v "(^0|cache)"
12K     Autostart
8,0K    env
13M     lib
682M    share
4,0K    shutdown

And as expected most of it lives in share:

martin@shambhala:~/.kde/share> du -sh * | egrep -v "(^0|cache)"
12K     applications
324K    applnk
662M    apps
4,0K    autostart
3,8M    config
1,5M    emoticons
180K    icons
48K     kde4
988K    locale
68K     mimelnk
48K     services
4,0K    servicetypes
14M     wallpapers

"kde4" looks cumbersome. Yes, from a basket installed into my home 
directory. But also some other services, that probably should fit better 
into "services"? "locale" is from that basket installation too, I think I 
do not install KDE apps into my home directory anymore ;).

And there in apps:

martin@shambhala:~/.kde/share/apps> du -sh * | grep "M"             
342M    akregator
49M     amarok
1,1M    aurorae
9,4M    basket
1,1M    kconf_update
13M     kdeprint
11M     kget
3,2M    kiten
2,2M    kmail
1,1M    konqueror
5,7M    konversation
2,0M    kopete
11M     korganizer
8,3M    kpdf
2,8M    kstars
2,8M    ktorrent
171M    nepomuk
20M     plasma_engine_comic

Thus space-wise delete-worthy cruft is easy to spot. I know my Akregator 
setup is insane ;). plasma_engine_comic looks like it is caching a lot of 
comics, kdeprint and kget are huge, but apart from that nothing too 

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