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Re: Copying data and settings from old to new computer?

On 2010-06-15, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> I'm getting a new computer in the next few days and, of course, I need
> to move my data from the old to the new one.
> In the past, I have simply copied copied ~/.kde, but I hope to find
> another way, this time. Over the years, quite a bit of cruft has
> accumulated in that directory and I'd like to get rid of that. Besides,
> KDE has grown beyond its own directory and puts data in, e.g., ~/.local.
> -- Is the safest solution to copy /home in its entirety and sort out the
> cruft manually?

think the opposite approach works better: start fresh and copy over just the 
bits you don't want to redo 

> So, I'm wondering, whether there is an "official" way of copying data?
> What's been working for others on this list?

I did the above approach a couple of weeks ago for new lappie, basically I 
started fresh except for kmail, akregator and kwallet (note that kmail will 
be regenerating all indexes on startup in this case which can take a while 
if you have a lot of mail)
Cheers, Cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)

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