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Re: Replacement for guidedog, firewall config UI

On 06/06/2010 10:57 PM, Michael Schuerig wrote:

I've had a look what's still holding back parts of KDE 3 on my system
and found KGhostView, KDirStat, and Guarddog. The former two I can do
without, but I've come to like guarddog for configuring the firewall on
my notebook.

Guarddog first of all provides ease of use, not just a GUI. So something
like KMyFirewall wouldn't be a suitable replacement, even if it were
available for KDE 4. I really don't want a tool that makes me crawl
around at iptables level.

As a non-GUI candidate, I'm considering firehol. It's provides a high
level of abstraction and I have already used it on servers.

Are there any suggestions from the KDE space?


There is guarddog for Squeeze and Sid:

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